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The UK mortgage market has changed for the better

The UK mortgage market is in the best shape it's ever been: all kinds of lenders offer all kinds of mortgages, and no matter what your requirements someone, somewhere will be happy to lend you cash. Thanks to the Internet, borrowers are better informed than ever before.

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The UK mortgage market has been affected by two big changes: a big increase in the number of lenders, and the arrival of the Internet. The former means that the range of available mortgages is truly massive, with big differences in packages, interest rates and fees; the latter makes it easy for borrowers to find the best deals.

Before these two developments, the UK mortgage market was simple: you'd make an appointment with a few building societies, compare their products and make a decision. Now, a typical high street bank offers a few dozen different mortgage products, and there are hundreds of different lenders to choose from including specialist lenders who deal with unusual or complex mortgages.

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