Self Certification Mortgage

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Get a mortgage without supplying busloads of paperwork

Getting a mortgage usually means providing lots of paperwork to the lender such as payslips, P60s and bank statements. It's even worse if you're self employed or have an irregular income. With a self certification mortgage you can avoid most of the hassle and most of the paperwork.

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If you think a self certification mortgage is only for self-employed types, you're mistaken: they're designed for anyone who might have problems proving their income. Instead of providing stacks of bank statements, payslips and other documents, a self certification mortgage asks you to tell the lender what your income is and the loan is based on that figure.

Don't expect to borrow 100% of the property value with a self certification mortgage; most lenders won't exceed 75% or 80%. Rates are usually higher than other products, too, because the lender is taking a bigger risk than with a normal mortgage.

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