Mortgage Repayment Calculator

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Considering a variable rate mortgage? Then fiddle with figures.

Our mortgage repayment calculator lets you specify the interest rate. If you're considering a variable rate mortgage it's a very good idea to try different rates to see how they will affect your repayments.

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If you're considering a variable rate mortgage, it is useful to use our calculator as it enables you to adjust the interest rate. As you'll discover, there's a big difference if the rates change even slightly.

In recent years interest rates have changed by fractions of a percent, but it's a good idea to try slightly bigger amounts to see what effect a rate hike might have on your repayments. For example the mortgage repayment calculator tells us that with an interest rate of 5.25%, a 25-year mortgage for £80,000 would work out at £479.40 per month; at 6.25%, the repayments would increase to £527.74 per month.

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