Mortgage Refinancing

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Benefit from rising house prices without moving house

Mortgage refinancing is a good way to benefit from increasing house prices without changing where you live. Remortgaging enables you to raise money for home improvements, a dream holiday or the conservatory you've always fancied, or you could just move to a mortgage with lower payments.

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Mortgage refinancing tends be for one of two reasons: a homeowner wants to borrow more cash, for example to double-glaze the house or carry out extensive improvements, or the homeowner reckons their current mortgage provider is robbing them blind. A third and thankfully less common reason is because the homeowner is trapped in negative equity, where their home is worth less than the outstanding mortgage.

Mortgage refinancing is more popular than ever, largely due to the growing number of firms competing for the same customers. Remortgaging could give you a better deal for example by getting a much lower interest rate than you're currently paying or it could enable you to raise extra cash at a much lower interest rate than a standard loan.

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