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Getting a mortgage quote is just the beginning

When you get a mortgage quote, you're just at the beginning of the mortgage process. Most quotes are in principle, and to turn them into an actual mortgage you'll need to provide detailed information and get the property valued a process that can often take weeks depending on who you're dealing with.

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You've found the property, found the right mortgage, applied online and received a mortgage quote that you're happy with. But you can't move home just yet you're at the beginning, not the end of the process.

When you apply online, you'll usually get a mortgage quote and an in principle approval. This is lender-speak for "we think we'll lend you the money, but only if certain conditions are met." Those conditions tend to be proof of your income. If you're in full time employment, that means copies of payslips and bank statements; if you're self-employed, copies of three years' accounts, tax returns and details of your accountant as well as proof that you're not trying to buy the property for silly money. To get that proof, you'll need to get the property valued.

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