Mortgage Payment Protection Insurance

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Can you still get cover if you don't have a regular job?

Insurance can be a minefield if you're self-employed or work on temporary contracts. While it's still possible to get mortgage payment protection insurance, it's important to look carefully at what's covered and whether there are any nasty surprises in the small print and what needs to happen before you qualify.

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Mortgage payment protection insurance is a good idea for anyone, because it protects your mortgage payments if you lose your job. However, it's a bit more complicated if you don't have a regular nine to five especially if you're self-employed or a temporary worker. That doesn't mean you can't get mortgage protection insurance, but it does mean you have to read the paperwork carefully and ask lots of questions.

Mortgage payment protection insurance can cover self-employed people, but it tends to require that you sign on as unemployed to make a claim if you've still got some income, no matter how small, then the policy is unlikely to pay out. In the case of temporary workers you'll find that the policy usually excludes any foreseeable period of unemployment, so if your current contract runs out in January and isn't renewed, your insurance is unlikely to pay out.

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