Mortgage Loan Calculator

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Find out if your endowment will pay off your mortgage

If you've got an endowment mortgage, a mortgage loan calculator can help predict whether there will be enough cash in the policy to pay off your mortgage. It isn't simple, though, and you'll need to provide lots of information to get a meaningful answer from the calculator.

The endowment mortgage loan calculator on the MSN Money site ( enables you to predict whether your endowment policy will generate sufficient cash to pay off your mortgage at the end of your loan term. However, you'll need key details in order to get a meaningful answer.

The mortgage loan calculator needs to know the maturity date of your mortgage together with some financial facts: the date of your last bonus declaration, the sum now assured, the bonus rate and so on. The calculator can then run the figures and predict the final value of your policy at the end of the term. Hopefully the result will make you smile rather than burst into tears.