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There's no shortage of people willing to give you money

There's no such thing as a typical lender: from banks and building societies to Internet operators and specialist lenders, all kinds of people can help finance your next property purchase. Choose the right lender and things will run smoothly; choose the wrong one and you could waste a lot of money.

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The UK mortgage market has become very crowded and and all kinds of people now offer mortgages. Years ago the only mortgage lender in town was likely to be the local building society, but these days banks, insurance firms, Internet-only operators and specialist lenders have joined the game. View the full list of mortgage lenders and apply online.

Choosing the right mortgage lender means more than just looking for the lowest APR, although of course that's important too. Different lenders have different fees particularly early repayment fees and lock-in periods that could prevent you from moving your mortgage in a few years' time.

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