Mortgage Comparison UK

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Can't be bothered comparing rates? Go to a one-stop shop

To make an informed mortgage comparison UK customers should look at a wide range of products from a wide range of lenders which is time consuming and very, very boring. Why not go to a one stop shop instead? We enable you to compare hundreds of mortgages right here.

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To carry out a mortgage comparison UK customers need to browse the products from high street banks, Internet only operators, specialist lenders and many, many more. Or do they? We can do the comparing for you: we search while you save.

To carry out a mortgage comparison UK customers can benefit from our advanced and innovative technology to do the hard work. It makes comparing over 9,000 different mortgages from 150 different lenders a breeze.

Checking 9,000 mortgages isn't as difficult as you might expect. We ask for a few basic details the price of the property, the loan period, your salary and so on and then gives you a selection of questions that refine your search. You can look for specific mortgages such as fixed rate, find the best cashback deals, and see the lowest cost over a given period.

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