Mortgage Calculator UK

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Will a mortgage save you money?

Our mortgage and loan calculators make it easy to compare different options, and you can even discover whether a mortgage would be cheaper than continuing to pay the rent. With our mortgage calculators UK customers can look into remortgages or endowment mortgages, calculate stamp duty and explore other options.

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Additionally, with a mortgage calculators UK customers can compare all kinds of options: whether it makes sense to buy a property or to continue renting it, whether an endowment policy is likely to be sufficient to pay off the mortgage at the end of the loan period, how much stamp duty you can expect to pay and so on.

A lot of thought has gone into the various tools, which you'll find at our finance tools and calculators section. All the calculators include explanation text to help guide you through the process. We continue to improve and add new calculators as well as enhance the user friendliness by adding plenty of explanatory text to help you with each calculator.

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