Mortgage Advisor

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Do you really need help to find the right mortgage?

Do you need a mortgage advisor? If you're looking for a standard mortgage, the answer is probably no: a bit of Web browsing can uncover stacks of different deals. However, if you need an unusual mortgage or if you have special requirements then an advisor can be a big help.

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For many people, the Internet means they don't need a mortgage advisor: it's relatively easy to compare different lenders' options to find the best deal, whether you're looking for a fixed rate, variable rate or capped mortgage. However, a mortgage advisor can still be helpful, especially if you're looking for something unusual.

By mortgage advisor we mean an independent expert: the nice lady at your local bank may be called a mortgage advisor, but her product knowledge is limited to the mortgages available from that bank. An independent mortgage advisor will know the entire market, and should be able to help you find the right product whether you're remortgaging, looking for a 125% mortgage or trying to get credit when you've got a bad credit history.

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