Landlord Mortgage

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If you're renting your property, a normal mortgage isn't enough

Lenders like normal mortgages: the people buying the property will live in it, and it's not for commercial use. If you're planning to buy properties and rent them out you'll need a landlord mortgage instead. Resist the temptation to get a normal mortgage and lie about your intentions.

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If you're buying homes in order to rent them out, a normal mortgage isn't enough: you'll need a landlord mortgage or a buy to let mortgage. These products are designed specifically for people who won't be living in the properties they're purchasing, and thanks to the buy to let craze they're widely available.

The main difference between a buy to let mortgage and a landlord mortgage is the customer; typically, buy to let mortgages are aimed at people who live in one property and intent to buy an additional property in order to rent it out. A landlord mortgage, on the other hand, is for people who might not own any property, or who intend to buy bigger properties.

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