Home Mortgage Rate

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Buying a new home? Lenders will love you. Here's why.

Lenders' home mortgage rate will be considerably cheaper than their business mortgage rate or the interest rate charged for riskier purchases such as buy to let properties or holiday homes. That's partly because of the size of the market and partly because home owners are a safer bet than businesses or would-be landlords.

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If you compare different types of mortgage you'll soon discover that the home mortgage rate is usually much lower than that for buy to let mortgages, business mortgages or holiday home mortgages. That's partly because home mortgages are so popular, but the main reason is risk.

In the case of business mortgages, their interest rate is higher than the home mortgage rate because of the depressing number of business failures. Start-up firms are particularly vulnerable, but even big firms can and do go bust. This increased risk means that lenders have to hedge their bets with business mortgages.

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