French Mortgage

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Buying abroad? The system is different overseas

A French mortgage is quite different to a British mortgage. Loan terms are shorter, the maximum amount you can borrow is usually lower, and you don't benefit from the wide range of products that are available for UK purchases. You may also need help to deal with local authorities and estate agents.

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Many high street lenders are willing to consider a French mortgage to help you buy a second home abroad, but there are some important differences between France and the UK.

The first thing you'll notice about a French mortgage is that the choice is much smaller: while UK customers can choose from a dizzying range of mortgages including interest only, pension mortgages and others, in France the choice is usually capital repayment, capital repayment or capital repayment.

Other key differences between a French mortgage and a UK mortgage are the loan term usually 15 years instead of the standard UK term of 25 years and the maximum borrowing amount, which is rarely more than 80% of the property value.

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