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Don't just compare deals try different percentages too

If you don't compare mortgage deals, you're mad: even a slight difference in interest rates or fees can make a huge difference to your payments. It's also a good idea to compare mortgage deals for different amounts: the more of a deposit you can afford, the lower the interest rate.

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It sounds like common sense: compare mortgage deals to find the best package for you. Sadly common sense isn't very common, and many borrowers get their mortgage from the same bank they signed up with as teenagers. That's not always the best option.

If you compare mortgage lenders, you'll see that rates, fees and conditions differ dramatically between lenders, and even between different products from a single lender. When you compare the payments on a fixed rate, variable rate, discount and capped mortgage you'll see that the repayments differ dramatically; it's even more pronounced when you compare repayment with interest-only mortgages.

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