CCJ Mortgage

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A bad credit rating isn't the end of the world

A CCJ mortgage sounds like an impossible idea: who in their right mind will lend money to someone with a very bad credit record? The answer is: lots of people. Specialist mortgage lenders and brokers are happy to consider applications from people with CCJs against them, although rates can be steep.

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Lending is all about risk, and the lower the risk the more likely you are to get credit especially if you're looking for low interest rates. However, a growing number of lenders are willing to offer you a CCJ mortgage, which can be a boon for people who've mucked up their finances in the past.

A CCJ mortgage means that a County Court Judgement against you doesn't prevent you from buying a home, but inevitably it does mean you'll pay more than someone with an unblemished credit record. It's important to shop around brokers are a good idea and to read the small print carefully, because while the quoted interest rates might not seem too scary there can be nasty surprises lurking in the small print. Hefty arrangement fees are particularly common.

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