Bad Credit Mortgage

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How to get a mortgage when your credit rating's rubbish

Lenders don't like risk, but that doesn't mean there's no such thing as a bad credit mortgage. Specialist lenders will happily lend money to people with bad credit ratings or even CCJs, although in most cases you'll pay more for your mortgage than someone with a good credit history.

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If you need a bad credit mortgage, forget about the high street lenders: they're not interested, because their business is based on avoiding unnecessary risks. That doesn't mean you can't get money, though; you'll just have to look elsewhere.

We have specialist firms who will consider you for a bad credit mortgage if you can't prove your income, if you've got a history of mortgage arrears or if you've got CCJs on your credit file, and as a result they can be a boon for people who've made mistakes in the past but who want to get their finances back on track.

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