Freelancers Loan

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The more you can show you're in control of your finances, the better your chance of getting a freelancers loan. With so many people starting their own businesses, many lenders are starting to see entrepreneurs and freelancers as an opportunity not a risk.

Unfortunately, freelancers and the self-employed people fall into the same category as bad debtors in the eyes of many institutions. For many, a freelancers loan is a bad credit loan. The important question to ask is whether you have any proof of income. An accountant's certificate will ensure you a better deal but if you are self-certified you are liable to have some lenders turning you down.

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Some companies specialising in bad credit cases do differentiate between those and freelancers loan requirements. But equally, you can pursue your case with many normal lenders who may be inclined to lend sympathetically.

Your bank is also worth talking to for a freelancers loan. If you are a homeowner, and can show that you have been successful in keeping up with mortgage repayments. If you're happy to put up your home as collateral, you will have many more options available to you - almost the same as an employed person.

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