Flexible Loan

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Flexible banking allows you to offset your borrowing against your savings. Flexible loans allow you to borrow within limits whilst only paying interest on the outstanding balance at each billing cycle. That's ideal for taking a break over Christmas or overpaying if you come into some money.

The flexible loan is a by-product of the trend towards flexible banking. It just happens that flexible banking makes the flexible loan a particularly useful product.

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Flexible banking states that the interest on any savings product you have with the company will offset the charged interest on any borrowing product. This has been expanded to a broader philosophy of removing some of the rules of lending and simply offering two options, a savings option and a borrowing options which you can use at any time.

This is proving to be quiet popular and expect to see some big players provide a flexible loan product in the next few years. Offsetting and open plan banking has become very popular, and the flexible loan is a natural extension of this combination.

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